Score and parts


In Dorico,Is there any way to modify the parts individually without affecting the score?

Properties can be set locally/globally. And local properties can be propagated to others, or not.
I don’t think you can have different notes between score and parts (but some clever person will prove me wrong!)

Describe ‘modify’.

As @Janus says, changes to the Property panel or other adjustments in Engrave mode can be either Local (to that Layout) or Global (to all).

You can have different enharmonic spellings, accidental visibility, and other variations.

However, you can’t have different actual notes or other content.

One solution which I have used at times is to

  1. add an extra player in setup
  2. copy the music to that player and
  3. modify.
  4. remove that player from the score layout (setup page, right hand is layouts). Any layout can contain any selection of players, you can have several scores if you want.
  5. delete the layout for the instrument which is shown only in the score, keep the layout for the instrument where you want to have a part. Deleted layouts will not be printed.

Creating a new player and copying goes very quick. The player shown in the score and the player given a part are now separate as to “local” things, such as notes. You cannot easily change “system things” though, such as number of bars or tempo markings. Large differences enought might be easier to do by making it into two different Dorico files.