Score Bass clef instrument isn't showing

I’ve selected a Bass Clarinet: “B Flat, Bass Clef Full Score”. But it’s not showing up as a Bass Clef in the Score: it’s a Treble Clef.

It works on my other computer. Is there a setting somewhere?

Can you select the initial clef and delete it?

No: it happens for a newly created instrument. There is no explicit clef.

Try moving userlibrary.xml somewhere and restarting Dorico. I’m not sure any setting there would cause it. But, good to rule it out.

Ah: It only shows a Bass Clef in Concert Pitch, not in Transposed Pitch. Is that a bug? The score I’m transcribing has it in a Bass Clef.

Not a bug. The instrument definitions have only concert and transposed clef definitions.

So, you want a Transposed score and in Bass Clef? Do a Clef and Transposition override on the Score so the Player Part is still in TC.

Edit: Fixed mistakes.

Hmm. The Sounds 8va doesn’t seem to make a difference. I have to do a Clef and Transposition -8 to the Score.

Yeah, I just edited that mistake out of my post. LOL

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