Score: change note duratrions from keyboard

Sounding like a broken record: old versions of Cubase allowed us to change note durations from the qwerty keyboard: ie to change the value to a quarter triple, you typed 4T, or a dotted eighth: 8dot. Rests too were inputable, which made for ultra fast movement of notes: want to move a bar three bars later? Click before it, and enter rest (value 1 for a whole note) 3X.

Are you talking about step entry?

Yes, step entry (sorry, should have called it that!). Much quicker via qwerty than having to constantly go to the duration section and click to change. Could also be used to change existing note lengths or to quantise individual note lengths: eg click on an eighth note (or even a too long/too short quarter), type 4Q and it’s changed to a quarter. There were more items in the right-click menu along the same lines.

This became very fast and intuitive, but it’s not just a matter of learning the new version, I feel it’s a slower workflow and more clunky implementation.