score displaay 2 questions

sorry i can’t find the way to display the time line in the score … can you tell me ?
and same i can’t find where to “display chord track” in the score i know i used it once but can’t find it anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

The Score Editor doesn’t have a “timeline” as such, but you can get it to display the bar numbers (Score Settings>Project>Notation Style>Bar Numbers>“Show every” (if you set it to “1”, it will display the bar number at every bar).
Display Chord Track is in Scores menu>Advanced Layout>“Show Chord Track”.
You must also make sure that, in Score Settings>Layout, the “C” column is checkmarked for the desired staff.

thx for your answer :wink:

The Score Editor doesn’t have a “timeline” as such

but i’m sure i had this in my last installation … i’m talking about a little vertical bar that follows the notes during the playback (like a cursor)

It sound like you’re referring to the project cursor (see p 731 of the manual). Have you tried holding down alt+shift and clicking in the score? This should move the cursor to that point.

Ah! :bulb: my misunderstanding (just as ChrisW suspected :wink: )
If it is currently not visible, go to Preferences>Scores>Editing>Show Position Cursor (then, as Chris said, you can jump the cursor to the place where you alt+shift+click).

ah thx it’s working now. i missed it in preferences