Score Ed: Dynamically changing # voices displayed?

If I have a part with only 2 voices say the soprano & bass (i.e. channels 1 & 4) that is displayed using a Polyphonic Staff it will show rests for the alto & tenor voices unless I turn off displaying channels 2 & 3 on the Staff tab of Score Settings. Generally this works just fine.

However if a piece starts with 2 voices but later changes to 4 voices, what is the best way to manage what gets displayed? The method above will work fine for the first section of 2 voices. But in the second section it would inhibit displaying the additional voices. I understand I could set Score Settings to display all 4 voices and then Hide the unwanted rests by hand but was hoping for something less tedious.

Try this raino:

Is this what you want?

Thanks, that does work.

This also means that “Reduce” behaves differently than I previously understood it. :confused: