Score Ed: how to stop bar lines cutting thru lyrics?

I’m having a problem if the lyric on the first note of a bar is a modestly long word/syllable the preceding bar line cuts through the text making it hard to read. Since the editor only lets me move lyrics vertically and not horizontally, I can’t just move the text a bit to the right. I’ve tried selecting all the measures involved and using Auto Layout’s Move Bars function, but it usually doesn’t help - even if it does move the bar line (typically it doesn’t) it also moves the lyric along with it, so the problem still exists. Likewise if I manually drag the bar a bit to the left, the note and lyric follows along too.

Use the Hand Tool, to drag the lyric horizontally. :wink:

Thanks Vic. Works great. I would have never thought of using the Hand Tool since in my mind it is for comping parts in tracks. I wonder why they don’t let you do the same thing with the Arrow, which seems more intuitive to me.

Well, for me, the Hand Tool suggests, generally, “Move stuff around freely”. :slight_smile: (although there are a couple of rare exceptions)

And that is exactly what the Arrow Tool suggests to me. Maybe I need to go in for a tool re-alignment. :astonished:

Erm… call that hand tool the Layout tool, and the arrow tool the Object Selection tool and all will be well.

And let’s don’t forget the middle-click Hand tool! That being said, I give you the finger, ahem, tool. :wink: