SCORE EDIT: 9.5.20 dynamics/texts of wrong staff shown in parts

I’m sure I placed my texts, and dynamics in the score so that they belong to the note layer of the right staff. Now when I open an individual part it accumulates texts and dynamics from other staffs making a bit of a mess. Pretty annoying. since 9.5.20

Human certitude is overrated. :laughing: How did you verify which staff the objects belong to? Open the layout that contains all the tracks in your score, and check: select an object.Which staff becomes selected?

Hi Steve glad you have not lost your sense of humor. :slight_smile:
Well, believe it or not in the entire score all seems to be okay and belonging to the right staff. ‘UPD’ does not cause any staffs to take up extraordinary spaces too.

But this is what happened:
I generally like to work in black and white. But when using the L P A switches it is clear that some embellishments turn out to be in the project layer. I usually ALT+drag to copy stuff around now en then, so every copy did end up in the project layer too. lessons learned. Thanks anyway.

Ahah! Glad you got it sorted.