Score Edit: Colorize Layer

I want to first say thank you to the Steinberg folks for your work on Score Edit!

I suppose this is a useability issue with the new Colorize Layer button in Score Edit. But maybe this belongs in Feature requests…

When I activated Colorize Layers my first thought was that I could go ahead and do some edits, and while it is possible to do so, the note colors are static, so there is no highlighting when you select an item.

I guess Colorize Layer is meant only to show what layer everything is on, and not for editing. Or, am I missing something?

You’re not missing anything.

Thanks! Your the best! :wink:

So now you’re talking to the snake ?
Oh my, it seems to be answering…

:neutral_face: Some things cannot be controlled.

Not even with the AI knob :exclamation: :question: :cry:

ssssssss ratttle ratttle

Shades of ‘he who must not be named’…
Harry will sort this out!