Score Edit: triplet 8, 16th grouping not configurable

For a client I need to enter the Penny Lane piccolo trumpet solo, as simple as it seems, I don’t get the 16th subgrouping under the triplet 8th notes as expected any suggestions any one?
-Is there an option to merge two 16th triplets to display as one triplet group of 8ths?

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open attached png file, see what Cubase does and what is really wanted.

The only way would be to use the Build Triplet function. Select notes, set it to 6 over 2/8 and hit Quantize.

Not perfect since it’s showing 6 instead of 3 - but it helps me out thx agin.

?? Simply type “3” in to the text box.

Yes… that’s what I found out just yet -> after all these years…