score editor and dynamics.

Do you know if there is a way to make Cubase 7 read the dynamic in the score editor. In the previous versions I had to activate this with the midi symbols into score settings. But I cant find it now, thanks.

In the the Symbols Inspector Setup dialog, is Dynamics Mapping in the left-side list? (English Manual p 813)

The “Midi Meanings”, which were located between the “chords symbols” and the “guitar library” are no longer findable, so there is no way to activate the dynamics.

I’m not sure what earlier version you came from, but I think this has been replaced with “Dynamics Mapping” Did you check that out?


Thanks for your answers.
I have imported an XML file and I thought they put directly the right dynamics. I will keep on using Cubase5, for the time being I think the score is inusable.

If I understand you correctly you imported a Music XML file and the dynamics appeared, but they were “regular” dynamics and not the “Dynamics Mapping” dynamics.

It is unfortunate that the Music XML standard does not differentiate between the two.

A possible feature request would be to add Score Events functions to the Logical editor, and to differentiate between the two dynamics types more consistently. Then one might select all dynamics and change them to Mapped Dynamics.

As of Cubase 6.0.7 (and 7.0 I presume) the list editor sees both types as Graphic Symbols, and in the Logical editor there are no Score Events.

In Cubase5, it is easy to activate the dynamics, with “Midi Meaning” into “Score Settings”.

Too bad. They removed the feature without creating a way to migrate its use to the new feature. (Dynamics Mapping) (except to delete and replace each dynamic marking.)

The newer feature does have more functionality in that it can send two controllers and or velocity, and also VST3 data.