Score Editor: arpegiated chord at the first bar of a system/grand staff

Notes before the beat in an arpegiated chord aren’t displayed at all; not even in the previous system.

What is the request, specifically?

I want this issue to be fixed, because for romantic piano music this is a nightmare. For every arpegiated chord that I need to be displayed, I need to make substitute notes (quantized notes that are muted) and hide the actual notes (in the piano part layout).


Measure 45 in the score layout is the first measure of page 12:

But the same measure in the piano part is the first in the 6th system of the page. If I don’t hide the unmuted notes in the piano part, I’ll get this:
Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 08.37.59.png

Interestingly, if I switch the notes to the 2nd voice (the ones that are not displayed), they become visible.
EDIT: but if you close the Score Editor and reopen it, they again are not displayed.