Score editor: automatic repeat sections detection

In order to speed up the workflow when creating score from midi tracks, it would be very usefull to have an automatic repeat sections detection mechanism:
For exemple: let’s say a midi track with a pattern reapeted 10 times. You select the track, go to score, your pattern appears only one time but with the repeat bars at the beginning and at the end and a “x10” on top of the end one.
Something optional of course and configurable.

To let you better understand the benefits of such feature, more details:
When I write music or work on an arrangement that I will have to play live with some other musicians, I normally create a full midi version to generate the scores. (If one instrument has been recorded as audio, I record a midi version by playing it on a midi piano. For the vsti, I can duplicate the midi tracks if necessary). I do some cleaning (quantification,…) on this full midi arrangement, then go to score to generate a conductor and individual scores for each musician. So far, it’s efficient and quick. But if a musician as to play 10 times the same pattern, he will get a long score with 10 times the same thing written: annoying… So I can do more cleaning on the midi tracks, and play with bar signs, hiding stuff to simplify the scores, but to get a good result is quite tricky and most of the time, I have to break the consistency between the original arrangement and the “score” arrangement. Why is it important to keep that consistency? If i have to modify something in my arrangement (which is often the case), to update the scores can become a nightmare if I don’t have that consistency. Just an exemple: when you change a bar type for one instrument, the change is done for all instruments, but they are not necessarly having repeats at the same time. So when you create a repeat section on one instrument score, all the other scores become wrong!
That’s why this feature would be more than helpfull, a real time saving option.