Score editor: Breve note

Breve (double whole note): Is it possible to enter a breve using step input or a custom key command? It seems the maximum is a semibreve (whole note). Right now I can enter for example a breve and then change the length and it’s fine, both data and symbol are correct. But it would be useful to insert this note in one step.

Thank you.

Still an extra move, but you can create a key command using a Logical Editor preset to add the length. Save a preset like this:

Go to the KC window and assign a KC to it in the Process Logical Preset section.

But it won’t work in step entry, since the note won’t be selected.

I just tried a little experiment… trying to get a breve with Step Input, and not really holding out too much hope…. but it worked! :open_mouth: :slight_smile:
There’s a one-off operation to perform…

  1. Create a MIDI Part, say, 2 bars long, in either 4/4 or 2/2
  2. Fill it with breves
  3. Close the Editor, then, from the Project window, select the MIDI Part, then Edit menu>Advanced Quantize>“Create Groove Quantize Preset”.
    This new Quantize Preset is now available in the Quantize Menu, and works exactly as you would like when doing Step Input :slight_smile:.
    (No-one is more surprised than myself! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Vic, I gotta get me some of what you’re drinking. I use groove quantize presets to create odd grids, but it did not occur to me to try it here. Nice one, again.


Very neat Mr France.

Thank you both, Steve and Vic. With the Logical Editor you are almost there and it reminds me how powerful it could be. The “Groove Quantize Preset” option is something subtle and brilliant.

Very helpful answers. Thank you.