Score editor - Chord symbols


Once chord symbols is added with the C7 button in score editor, how can I remove them???

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What do you mean by “C7”? Do you mean when you Show Chord Track (Scores > Advanced Layout)? Then you can hide them the very same way.

Or do you mean when you add Chord Symbol from the Chord Symbol tab in the Score editor? In this case double-click to the Chord, then in the Edit Chord Symbol set Tensionsto None.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your reply.

I added chord symbols using the “Make Chord Symbols” button on the extended toolbar, as explained p.137 of the C9.5 scoring manual.
I tried with double click on a chord symbol then I’ve clicked on “Remove” but nothing. So if I move “Tensions” to none it will make the chord symbol disappear right?
How can I remove all the chord symbols I’ve added from an entire sheet??


I see. You can just select the Chord, and hit Delete.

Ok I’ll try this for individual symbol.
We definitly can’t make a sort of “select all chord symbols” then delete them??? Or can I select several symbols with “ctrl + select” then delete ??
I think when I tried this morning I couldn’t select a chord symbol if not only double click on it and open the Edit Chord Symbol window ?? May be I am wrong, otherwise it could be a bit of time loosing whit a full sheet to delete each symbol one at the time…

You can select multiple Chord symbol via Ctrl/Shift + Click. You can use lasso. You can also hold down Shift + double-click to a Chord Symbol (1st from the chain, you want to select), all following Chord Symbols will be selected too.

Got it!
Thank you Martin for your time and those usefull answers, it is really appreciated.

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