Score Editor: Chords and Scrolling?

Hi Guys! I had the bright idea (inspired by Riffstation to use the Score Editor as a rehearsal aid- basically scrolling chord charts (not that I’ve entertained the idea to also use it live that way, no way that would be cheating! :wink: ) while I play along with my preprogrammed MIDI tunes. Basically like instrument karaoke.

There’s a couple things I can’t quite work out yet. I see that on the top of the score editor screen, it knows the chord. Pretty Smart! But there’s no chord markings on the sheet itself, so I can’t really see what’s coming next. What is the best method of getting the chord tabs into the score editor view??

Also, once the current screen is complete, how do I get the screen to scroll to the next ‘page’? I notice even the chord display at the top of the screen doesn’t even advance any more.

Probably just by inexperience with Cubase, but it seems like there should be a way to do both…thanks!