[Score Editor] - 'Computer Keyboard Input' in Cubase 10 LE

In Cubase Pro 9 when I engage “Computer Keyboard Input” button in the Score Editor I can start inputing notes with the ALT key and several configured key commands.

Now, with Cubase 10 LE, the button “Computer Keyboard Input” is also there (next to the buttons Step and MIDI Input as in Cubase Pro 9) and somewhat I expect the same behaviour. The fact is that once activated it seems as if nothing happens, the ALT key makes no difference.

I would appreciate any help.

Bring up the piano keyboard on the screen (ALT K) first. That should work.

I have been using the ‘On Screen Keyboard’ [ALT+K], but once opened you can not keep using your Key Commands and I really need those.

It seems to me that the button ‘Step Keyboard Input’ is not wired with the program itself, the button is just there with no function.

One thing I have noticed is that if I assign Key Commands to toggle the state of each one of the three buttons (Computer Keyboard Input, Step Input and MIDI Input), Step and MIDI Input react to the Key Command as expected, but not Computer Keyboard Input.

Maybe someone could test this.

I’ve come to the same conclusions as you… I just assumed the key commands were disabled as the computer keys were commandeered, but changing the onscreen kybd from qwerty to piano should resolve this, and doesn’t (feature request perhaps?)

Anyway, I find PC kybd note entry to be poorly implemented in Cubase (coming from a Sibelius background), so would rather carry around a small MIDI kybd when I need to go portable.

Even Cubase Score version 1 allowed durations to be assigned to keys (showing my age here).