Score Editor Configurations

Hi, I am trying to simplify a chord sheet in the score editor and wanted to ask if a few things are possible,

  1. Is there an option to bulk hide the Clef symbol & rests?

  2. How do I insert the project tempo on my score? (nothing happens when I click the ‘Tempo Indicator symbol’ then click on my score)

  3. Is it possible to bulk move the position of chord names inserted via the chord track, same question for markers.

  4. When adding the chord track to a score is it possible to simplify chords to triads and exclude inversions (use case is to generate a score for a bass player who is interested in root notes)

  5. Can bar numbers be dynamically shown, when there is a chord change?

  6. Can line breaks be dynamically applied when there is a track marker? i.e. break lines based on song structure (which i denote by markers).

  1. No.
    Hold Shit key and double click the first clef on the page and hide. Same method for rests.

  2. Make sure “Show Layout Symbols and Text for this staff” (“L” column) option is checked in Score Settings>Layout

  3. Same method as in #1 for selecting, then move.

  4. Not to my knowledge (except editing each chord manually)

  5. No.

  6. No.

Thanks a lot for your response, the only thing that didn’t work was bulk moving the location of the chords (inserted via the chord track), is that possible?

:thinking: I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work for chords.
Try again.
Are you able to select chords in the score?

Hi, no I can select all the chord notes but not the chord names generated via the chord track

I have seen the chord names moved in a video though so know it is possible.

Of course it is possible.

Ok, and your doing this by holding shift and double clicking the first chord name?

Yes …