Score editor crashes Cubase

Scrolling score editor pages with the mouse wheel when in page mode, with Insert Note tool selected and “Animate note cursor” activated leads to a spectacular crash on my system.

Could anyone please try the following to see if it is reproduced on other systems:

  1. Go to: File =>Preferences =>Scores =>Editing, and check “Animate Note Cursor”.
  2. Create an empty MIDI part on a MIDI / Instrument track.
  3. Make this part some 80 measures long (the easiest way to do this is using the Info Line) to ensure multiple pages in score editor.
  4. Open score editor and activate Page Mode.
  5. Select Insert Note tool.
  6. Scroll the page with the mouse-wheel.

Then an error message pops up and if I move the mouse, this message window gets multiplied over and over. I lose control of the program and have to resort to Ctrl+Alt+Delete to shut Cubase from the Windows Task Manager.

The workaround for me is to uncheck “Animate Note Cursor” in the preferences, though I find entering notes less intuitive this way.

tried it, but do not get the error


Thank you gkruse for taking time to try this. Are you on a PC or a Mac?


Then I guess my issue should be hardware-related.
Thanks again for checking.