Score editor Cubase 7.5

I have created a piece that started in the chord track. I have created a midi track using the chord track and glued the midi events together.

I need to score the piece including (or preferably just the chord symbols) but am unable to get Cubase to insert those symbols. I have been through the score editor but it doesn’t want to insert the symbols. Is there a tutorial that shows how to do this?


No reply? This cannot be that difficult.

Perhaps this will help — where can I obtain a library of guitar chord symbols (fingering?) for Cubase 7.5?

I have managed to have Cubase “Make Chord Symbols” and working one chord at a time “Make Guitar Symbols” which works for some of the chords… it won’t work on a C#min (which is same as Bbmin?) or any Xsus4 chord. What is up with THAT?

I’ve been successfully (sort of) using Cubase for a couple years now, since version 8 was just speculation. I chose Cubase because I have a Yamaha synth (MO).

Why can’t this expensive software make a sus4 guitar symbol, or a C#min (Bbmin if you prefer)… it reads and displays the Chord names. Is it time to trash my Windoze based PC and go to something like Pro Tools?

I’m in home hospice right now with a dire need to get my projects finished… stuff like this is maddening.


I managed to accomplish the task of printing out a lead sheet / score that includes the chord symbols/charts using a Sibelius program called G7… got what I needed but would have much preferred to do it in Cubase 7.5. Guess you can’t always get what you want.

thanks anyway