Score Editor (Cubase Pro 9)

Question about using Cubase for composing and arranging… can the score editor be used to input music notation and then have that music played on VST instruments? For example, could you input 4 parts of a brass quartet, assign each part to a VST brass instrument, and then play the score?

I’ve used Cubase in the past to record MIDI and Audio, but I’m wondering if I can use Cubase for composing/arranging without doing any recording, by just inputing the music using the score editor (or some other tool) and leveraging VST and a symphonic library.


Yes. Each staff corresponds to a midi track.

Yes, but I can’t imagine that it’s the “Fastest” way to do it. Maybe a combination of step input with the key editor on one screen and the score editor open on another?

Also, as an aside - I’m continually impressed by just how deep the Cubase Score editor is. It is by no means intuitive or user friendly - the implementation of many features seems to be a compromise of the score editor having to be second fiddle to the DAW - but if you master it, it can make some truly excellent looking scores.