Score Editor Display Quantize Problem

Cubase 10.5. Display Quantize is a necessity as the notes will be all cluttered without it. In this particular project, I need a 4 notes, 4 rest configuration. But there are a couple of instances in the project where eight notes are used. These are not registered because of my Display Quantize settings, and they are just shown atop another note. It’s also not possible to manually add these notes. How do I bypass the Display Quantize settings for these particular notes? All help is appreciated!

You would use the Display Quantize tool for this.

(I linked to the C11 manual, but it’s the same in C10.)

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Thank you! There’s this “Q8-symbol” in the score now, however, and pressing the Hide-button doesn’t hide it. Will be really beneficial if I can hide it. Would you also happen to know how to convert notes into triplets? The three notes in question are quantized as triplets in the key editor, but they show up as four eight notes with a slur in the middle two notes.

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Thanks again! Would you happen to have solution for the triplet-problem as well?