Score Editor documentation. "You can split two notes that are strung together by a tie."

The manual says (on page 68 - Splitting Notes):

You can split two notes that are strung together by a tie.

(Cubase_Pro_Score_12_Score_Layout_and_Printing_en.pdf - WebHelp version)

“Split two notes”?

Though the better word would be “separate” (not “split”), do I really separate two notes? Not really. If I were separating two notes, then they would have to be connected by a slur, not a tie. Therefore, what I am separating is not two notes, but two lengths.


You can split a note that is displayed as two lengths connected by a tie.

Sorry, that does not make sense in english.


Geez. It’s precisely correct semantics already.

@steve Not enough coffee yet?

no. too much!

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What exactly doesn’t make sense?

“Untie” is more related to notes than to note lengths, so I don’t think it would be a good alternative…

Nope. It’s not. For at least two reasons:

  1. “Split two notes” doesn’t make the semantics precisely correct because if you split two notes, you get at least two more notes. “Split one note from the other” would’ve been better.
  2. Two notes “strung together” is vague because “the link” can also be a slur. Could I also split two notes connected—to each other—by a slur (two notes “strung together”)? I couldn’t.

Maybe it should say ‘tied’ instead of linked.

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