Score Editor; Drum Scores

I’m trying to figure out how to make decent (for me familiar) drum scores. Not really successful. Maybe I’m trying something that is not possible.

This is my start:

This is what I end up with:

What I thought/liked to do was to set/map the closed Hat (as an F), snare (as an E), kick (as a F) etc. Maybe set predefined symbols (x) for the closed hat etc.

Maybe I have to remap the keys in Groove agent to make this happen? Is there no shortcut to map Whatever Drum maps existing to a “score Drum Map”?

I might attack this the wrong way. looking for any ideas, pointers, descriptions, YT clip to help me figure this out? :slight_smile:


You have to define (or use proper) Drum Map. The Dump map defines, how is every single MIDI Note presented in the Score Sheet (which line, note head, etc.). The basic GM Drum Map is a good starting point.

I see it now! Thanks Martin! Sometimes pointing in the right direction is simple.