Score Editor: Duplicating notes by Edit > Duplicate


The current Score editor does duplicate notes as in Key editor ( Cmd/ctrl D) and it requires mouse! I think that should be added as well.

Just make a macro maybe, instead of posting requests for every smallest thing you don’t find automated. The commands are all there.

I think all users would like to see common KC’s across different editors; as we see in drum editor and the key editor.

But any ways, could you show me a macro, please?

I would appreciate it.

steve and Martin showed me, now I pass it on.
repeat macro.png
I don’t know why the score editor doesn’t have duplicate, but there you go.

Edit: Regarding Key Commands, they are mostly feature-complete, as they accommodate many styles of working. The only thing I find is missing, is a way to quickly change keycommand presets, and detection of commands from the keycommands window (which should become a panel like quantize, in the sense that it works simultaneously with the program, and not sitting in the foreground, prohibiting clicking anywhere until you click ok to dismiss it) Some keycommands have similar names, and their function is revealed with trial and error. Search from the field, assign key, test, and hope it works. If not, try again. If the key commands window detected the commands fired by the mouse in real time, that would be in my opinion groundbreaking. Combined with the ability to switch presets on the fly it would be in my humble opinion a huge workflow enhancement. Everyone would be able to program whatever they want, for what circumstance they want.

Thank you very much. This was no trivial at all. But I think it should be added as new feature to Score Editor.

I just passed my opinion and I hope someone will listen.

I do trial and error and sometimes don’t work. For instance, can you tell what is this doing in KC? Insert cursor to part start

That is SOOO true. Not sure if this is not already a feature request, but will be very import LE feature for me as well! But it is here in FR!

Addtionally, for the macros ( as they are procedural programs, computer science term), there should be buttons to step through ( forward and backward) the Macros as in any programming debugging tool.

I answered the first one in its own thread!

For the second one, that’s why I’m advocating for a “live”, “online”, “real-time”, call it what you wish keycommands window.

Because then, you could do this:

  1. You want to make a macro for something that uses commands that you don’t know the names of.
  2. You open the keycommands window to the side. You click new macro.
  3. You then use your mouse to do the first step. For example edit->copy. Key commands registers the command, highlights and centers it on the screen. You click add command.
    3+) You then use your mouse to move the cursor to the part’s selection end. (since there’s a part selected from the beginning, cursor goes to selection end) Key commands move to “Move cursor to selection end”. Click add command.
    3++) You then use your mouse to paste. Edit->Paste. Keycommands does its thing again, you just click add command.
  4. Your macro is ready, and you know it works because you have gone through the steps yourself as you were building it. :wink:

Thanks for the reply to other post. I am totally with you on that.

No problem! Happy to help! And thank you very much for your support!