Score Editor: Edit without staff line breaks ("scroll view")

Hey, I want to use the score editor in Cubase to accomplish something similar to Finale’s “scroll view” which looks like this:

As you can see the score is rendered as a continuous staff with no breaks, and with the ability to scroll vertically. In Cubase it seems like there are only two modes: Page Mode and Edit Mode. Edit mode, unfortunately, behaves a little differently, and very weirdly. In causes a situation where there might be both horizontal and vertical scrolling due to break of lines (Not because there are too many instrument in the grand staff. Example:

This is very annoying to work with.
Is there any way to make this better? Preferably like in Finale.

You can reduce the vertical size of the window such that it shows only one system. Probably works best in the lower zone.

Yeah I thought about it… but this is not ideal. I understand this is not possible.

Please consider this as a feature request. Every decent score editor has this. IMO Cubase Score Editor is really under rated and has a lot of potential on its own (And probably also to help sell Dorico), it’s a shame it this feature won’t be in it.

I’ll add the Feature Request tag to this topic- but how exactly would you see this working? And if possible can you share the specifics of why this workaround doesn’t do the job for you?

How I would like this see this working
Option I
Assuming I am not alone in thinking that the current default view is not preferred in any way over scroll view, keep the menu as is but instead of having the view break the stuff do it continuously like I proposed

Option II
If you want to be “backward compatible”, extend that check box into a “multiple option radio button” like this:

Where Page View is the current “Page Mode”, “Scroll View” is what I proposed and “Wrap View” is the current default settings.

Why the the work arrround is ideal
While it is better than nothing, and I’m definitely going to use it , It’s not ideal for several reasons:

  1. It’s difficult to get the “right” height to accomplish it without cutting some of the symbols off screen. Especially when the staff height depends on the content:
    (In the xample you see the low A as well as the Pedal symbol. Requireing more space.)
  2. The maximum height I can achieve with this window docked is limited, compared to separate window:

    This is gonna be problematic with working with many instrument (I don’t think I can fit an orchestral stuff easily in that space without having to reduce the font size to a level it’s hard to read).
    Of course I can open it in a new window and minimize it, which is better than nothing, but still not ideal.
  3. When using this window docked I can’t access the very handy properties right side bar. (Not sure if that’s on purpose or a bug, if it’s a bug feel free to delegate to Steinberg)

So what I understand is one request: an option that staves in edit mode do not wrap. Is that right?

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I’ll take that ‘like’ as a yes.

I think this could be a good addition, a simple option to not wrap, without any other changes. Note that there are hundreds if not thousands of people using the Score Editor for decades, each with their own idiosyncratic working style and use case.

Also the difference between page and edit view is much more than how the page flows.

Fair enough. So I think it’s best to add another check box / preference.

(Btw, I did like because it wouldn’t allow me to post a reply of less than 15 characters saying "Did you try the "like “button”)

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I too have thought about having a scrolling score editor in the lower zone many times. But I always pause at how ugly it would look under most zoom settings. On the other hand, we could sync the cursors! And, we could still use vertical scroll for an orchestra! Or at least have different layouts per instrument section (winds, brass, harp & perc, strings) to alleviate that.

It’s very tempting as an idea, but there are so many parameters for it to work well that I can’t just imagine how it’d work.

From me a +1. I support it.