Score editor error message

Hello, I have a strange problem and was wondering if any one else has encountered this. When I open a part in the score editor and then close that part, I get the 'serious error…save under different name…" message. Everything seems to work fine, and I can not find any problems. However I always resave just in case.

I saw that someone suggested re-insatalling cubase when this message pops up, so I did that and I still get the message. In the message, it says to go to programfiles/cubase5/cubase5.log and send the log to support. Well guess what? No log to be found at that location. I am kinda stumped.

edit ok well I dont see my sig, nor where to change it so my sys specs are :win 7 64, i7 930, m-audio firewire 410, cubase 5.5.3

I’m glad to see someone else has this problem, though of course you have my sympathy too!
This happens to me regularly and nothing I have done, including reinstalling my computer has solved it. The only workaround I’ve found is to reduce the score window instead of closing it. Then it never happens. But it puts the other windows out of sync: you have to double click on the project window to get rid of the double slides; same with the key controller window. A real nuisance!

It’s no consolation I know, but I also have the same problem.
No idea how to fix it…tried all the obvious solutions.
I’m going to report it to Steinberg

I too have had this annoying problem with Cubase Essential 5. On your computer, go under app data then roaming then Steinberg and delete everything in that folder. This will delete your Preferences and a few other things, but anything you can’t live without can be restored from your Recycle Bin. This kept fixing the problem temporarily, until one day I never saw it again! :laughing: Steinberg support rocks!!