Score editor: Export scores dialog missing file name text box

Windows 10 1909, Cubase 10.5. Whenever I try to export a selected range with Export Scores the file dialog comes up with no FileName and Save as type visible (always need to press Hide folders first and then they’ll appear)

perhaps a DPI thing?. I’m working on 100% size (so no Hi dpi) on 1920x1200 screens. I tested with both hi dpi preferences on and off, same result.

Still broken in 10.5.10 (windows 10 1909)

still an issue in 10.5.20

Cubase 11: Same story :cry:

nuendo 11.0.40 still an issue…
it’s been YEEEEEARS NOW !


(work around : for the moment you need to click on “Hide Folders” and back to get the File Name.)

Yep still broken in Cubase 11.0.40, well at least in dark mode the stuff is there :slight_smile: but you can not type in it, you still have to do the hide folders and undo hide folders first. And then there is a horrible hidden control partially in view as well.

After doing hide/unhide folders (bottom left caret):

I can confirm this bug (here also Win10pro 21H1 / Cubase11pro).
I hadn’t noticed that until now, because I generally print the sheet music as a pdf (using the Windows printer driver “Microsoft Print to PDF”), there are no problems there.

Well, there are some use cases for exporting like this. Firstly when you need to export a short musical example you can range select a graphical piece of the page and export it as image. Secondly - and more important - when you have added your own custom symbols to the page (e g. pedal switches for harp, custom logo’s etc.) , your pdf printer won’t work anymore…

The Microsoft Print To PDF driver works fine with user symbols

Ah, Sorry, What I meant was not the “user symbols” those work alright, but are specific to Cubase.
The thing is when you insert an image (Symbol pallete → other → “img”) then you are screwed.
Like a compay logo, and like or entire lib I have created for all kinds of symbols.

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I confirm the bug

MOTD Generally it is funny to see your bug reports (not only for Steinberg) getting more attention when using hipster terms as “Dark Mode” in there :slight_smile:

About the export scores file dialog:
If you would think that by now this minor bug and major annoyance would finally have been fixed in version 12 of Cubase, you’re dead wrong. :frowning_face: