Score editor: Expression Map issue


I have these three widows opened: Project, Key Editor and Score Editor. All of them have the “Expression Map” tab in the inspector.

I’m loading sounds from HSO and then importing the Key Switches through the “Expression Map” tab in the inspector.

After applying some articulations in the Key Editor, during playback I can see the slots changing according the articulation in the “Expression Map” tab, both in the Project and Key Editor inspector windows, but not in the Score Editor. I understand that also the Score Editor should update the articulations during playback.

I have attached four screenshots where the issue is shown (the first one just before pressing Play and the other three during playback):


BTW: In the last picture there are two “Short Alt” articulations, when it’s clear that one of them is “Short Down”, by default that’s how they import into the “Expression Map” tab, it’s possible to edit the first one before importing, leaving G0 as “Short Down” and A0 as “Short Alt”.

Thank you.

There’s currently a bug where only the top staff in the Score Editor shows the correct map. Hopefully it will get fixed in the next update.I’m optimistic.

Thank you Steve, I’ve checked with the first stave and you are right, it only works on that one. So let’s wait for the fix.