Score Editor for audio tracks - auto detect, screen display

Maybe this already exists in the form of extract MIDI from audio(?)

But I’d want it more just for on screen reading and keeping track. I’d love to see an option where the score could be activated over the audio track region so you can read a bass part as you’re playing along, seeing the waveform cues and region/arrangement.

Could also send midi data in realtime to an instrument that emulates the one being recorded, so the musician can hear what they need to be doing in comparison to what they have played/are playing. Or for an engineer to understand what needs to be recorded if they are working for a composer who is not in the studio.

You could even have a feature where Cubase shows the comparison/errors between the defined score and what has been played.

Also then you could have a compositional overview of all your audio tracks to see what exactly is going on musically and even show what chords are being formed over 16 tracks or however many.


I would also like to have an option to interface the Score Editor with either the audio &/or the midi tracks for the purpose not only to view the notated rendition of the tracks, but also to make eventual corrections or additions to the tracks using the notated score. Directly. Efficiently - without leaving the current session or exiting the current project in order to make any relative adjustments either to the written notes ot to the recorded sounds.
Could Dorico, perhaps, fulfill such a wish?