Score Editor handling Compositions with Quartertones/Mirotones


It would be a very helpful for many composers if Cubase Score editor could display quarter symbols where appropriate as accidentals and in the key signature.

Of course, if the instruments or MIDI patches don’t have the capabilities of playing back the quarter tones, It does not affect the playback. There are many notation software that support it including finale and MusicScore

Microtonal notation and playback is not available in the Score Editor. It would be a welcome addition.
Of course there are workarounds, more or less tedious.

What are the workarounds please?

I would love this.
…And have the option to change individual accidentals in the score to microtonal accidentals (similarly to how you can change the enharmonic ‘look’ of an accidental). It is a headache to try and align custom made microtonal symbols/accidentals, and make them fit properly in front of the notes.