Score Editor, help needed urgently

Hi all,
I´m using grace notes to write flutes & piccolos rips. It looks ok when I just have 4 parts opened (pic1), but when there are more staves (pic2), the Flute´s notes disapears. Curiously the piccolos rips stays intact.
Could someone give me a help on this one, please? I have to finish this work until tomorow.


Probably different Layout settings for this view?

Hi Martin,

could you be more specific please? …and why the grace notes dont disapear in the piccolos stave? I didnt change the layout settings when I took those screen shots. I just opened other instruments staves, thats enough to kill the grace notes.

Thank you so much for your help!

Do you have all layers visible in the 2nd view? Coukd you share the project (just these few Bars) via Dropbox, for example (like PM)?

PM sent. Thank you Martin!

Quick question…
I see that in the 2nd screenshot, bar #21 is the first bar of the page. Was it also the first bar of the page in your 1st screenshot?
Do you have time to try a little experiment?.. Try Forcing the previous grand staff (i.e. the last staff on the previous page) onto the next page, such that bar #21 is now on the 2nd grand staff of the new page. Are the grace notes now visible? (sometimes there can be a bit of strangeness when the notes actually belong (MIDI-wise) to the previous bar, and that previous bar is, itself, on the previous page.)
If that has worked, then I think your only "workaround , is to “cheat” (physically Move the grace notes so that they do belong to the start of bar #21).

Hi vic_france,
yes when the bar with problem is not the first of the page the notes appears back. Now I`m trying to move the grace notes to the next bar which is difficult because they keep going after the first main note. But at least I have a clue now. Thank you very much!

… and if you try moving that first “real” note as late as you can before it, too, no longer display-quantizes to beat #1 (so that the grace notes are still before it, while nonetheless also now in bar #21)?


If you open the part in the Key Editor, you can see, the Piccolo and Flute is written in different way.

See attached screenshot, please. I transposed Piccolo 1 octave up, and it’s selected. So it’s visible, now. For Piccolo, you are using equal 1/16 notes. For Flute, you are using 1/32 notes with a pause at the end. Can you see it?

Hi Martin,
yes I can see but unfortunately, even using 1/16 for the flutes the grace notes keep disapearing when the bar is the first on the page. I will have to use the workaround posted by Vic_France. Thank you guys!