Score editor help

Does anybody know how to get it so you’ve got a guitar or bass line in standard notation with an attached tab stave below it. So far it’s the only real combination that’s missing (as far as I can see).

It’s pretty fantastic otherwise and I bet there’s a way to do it, I’m just too blind to see it.

Don’t use the tabs myself. Just thinking. To get tracks to specific positions ie: the bass line below the guitar / piano line in Score you have to change the positions in the Project page where it’s usual to have the bass track over the lead in my case, old convention, don’t ask :slight_smile:,

I don’t know for sure if you can do it that way in your case. Cubase will write tabs OVER the stave however. I think there’s a specific setting in the Score Settings (click on the left end vertical LINE of the stave).

Score Settings/Staff/Tablature. Any good to you?

Do you want the tablature staff to be a duplicate of the “regular” staff?
If so,

  1. In the Project window, drag the MIDI part, using Shift+Alt, so that it creates a “shared” copy onto a new MIDI track.
  2. Open both MIDI tracks in the Score Editor, and set the lower staff to Tablature mode.
    (and, because it is a Shared copy, any change you make to the notes in the upper staff will be immediately reflected in the lower, tablature staff).

Thanks guys, really helpful.

Conman, these midi tracks aren’t actually ‘played’ in the mix (although they could be to ghost note the analogue of it needed a little more punch) so I can keep them muted in any order I like in their own folder which I think gets around your ordering convention issue - they exist purely to notate (forgive me if this isn’t what you meant).

Vic, your shared track suggestion was especially great, another fantastic feature I was completely unaware of.

I do indeed want just a carbon (tab) copy of the notation above - on a bass clef/tab grand staff - so I can hand out comprehensive sheet music to musicians performing the pieces, so your way of doing it is pretty much right on the money. The guitar and basslines are recorded live but once it’s laid I create a ‘midi-version’ over the top to enable me to produce the notation sheets.

This last little trick is just the cherry on the cake meaning I can print or pdf it, tab included in the format the players are used to seeing in their various artist books. I especially like the ‘string-shift’ sub command menu on the TAB stave so you don’t even have to tax your brain figuring out at which fret the note is fingered when optimising the TAB stave - incredibly labour saving stuff.

So once again thanks. It’s really, really appreciated.

Of course! Simple is always best. I’d completely forgotten that. I’ll have to read the manual again. :mrgreen:

RTRTFMA (remember to … again :stuck_out_tongue: )

Now if I can be cheeky (without RTFM :stuck_out_tongue:) and impose on your good nature one final time, how do you put a header at the top of the layout? You know - Song title, composer, accreditations etc.

I’m a dumb designer used to using quark xpress and putting elements where I want at will, this menu system is slightly counter-intuitive to my visual thinking ATM, although I’m starting to see the benefits.

My notation is looking pretty fine so far BTW so thanks muchly.

In the Score Symbols, either from the Layout palette, or from the Project palette (which is of course global for the entire Project), use the “Page Text” button, and click anywhere in the score. It opens a special dialog, with lots of options for setting up titles, page numbers, copyright etc. Do check in the manual for the use of variables (page number, Project name) (page 586 of the pdf).

Cheers dude. You’ve done it, they’re all looking loverly and pristine now.
Just needed to know where it was, I usually have a bit of a poke around with the feature, I find it easier than reading about it. Annoying that I ask so many questions I know, but it’s a lot less ‘dry’. I am grateful for you guys putting up with my mithers.

I’m transcribing the guitar line at present and as I play a lot of open chords with multiple fingerings of essentially the same note in one chord, it’s confusing the editor slightly. It’s a case of me playing with it to learn. Getting used to it though thanks to your help, I may even gasp open the manual soon.

I’ve only had cubase a few weeks, has the old VST version on pc a few years back which I ditched for a Roland VS2480, but I’m loving this new version - it keeps amazing me and the tracks are sounding mint.

Anyway, thanks - the notations are now looking fab, professional and very usable.

You’ll find reading the Score manual hard going, a very dry and large mouthful but it’ll be a week well spent. Try and find some tutorials as well. I’ve forgotten if there’s any on the installation disks for Score.