Score Editor - How to crescendo prolong a crescendo through a line change?

Hello folks,

I have a score with a crescendo from bars 5 to 8. The problem is, that bar 5 is at the end of its line, so I need to draw a crescendo “that’s already started” on bar 6, which is one line below. The hairpin should begin at bar 6 already opened.

How do I do this?
Here is a screenshot of my reference


Right-click and use the Extend command, then hit UPD (key command: Score>Force Update) or do an Auto-Layout: Bars and Staves. This same command works on other dynamic symbols, for p and f, it scrolls from pppp to ffff

There are other ways too.

You’ll learn a lot from this:

Open the Key Commands dialog, and browse through the commands in all the Score… folders to get an idea of what’s available.

Oh yes! that’s exactly what I was looking for.

It was right in my face on the right-click context menu!

Thank you so much!

And yes, Auto Layout is awesome, I love it. Such a big time saver!