Score Editor Insert Note Question

Hi all -

In the score editor, when I change the note length using the tool bar, the quantize length also changes. This becomes an issue if I need to enter a dotted quarter note on beat 3. The editor won’t let me enter the note there.

I think I inadvertently changed some setting to make this work this way, but I’m not sure. Any ideas?




On the right-side of Quantize, there is the Length Quantize panel. If you disable Quantize Link here, then you can select the length independently from the Quantize Preset. The “insert Grid” is driven by the Quantize Present, and the length is driven by the notes in the toolbar or the settings in the Length Quantize.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Martin! I had things set up the way you suggest, but it wasn’t working right. This makes so sense to me, but I opened the Quantize inspector, reset the Grid resolution and now everything is fine. I’m not sure how I “fixed” it :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help.