Score editor is showing double-headed notes

All the notes in score editor have a double-head. please help!

I’m gonna guess that you have duplicated all the Notes on top of each other. The easiest way to see if this is the case is in the List Editor where this readily visible. Or in the Key or Score Editors select a Note and move it up or down in pitch and see if another one is under it.

If not maybe a screen grab will help folks see what you are seeing.

yes they are doubled. but here’s the rub: i open a new project: play a note and it is doubled. So something i have set up in my studio settings is wrong. (midi port setup looks very messy!. etc). and also.‘delete doubles’ in FUNCTION does not delet the doubles (they are exactly the same lengths, (ive seen threads with the same issue).
jsut fixed the doubling of notes: unckecked all but one port and select my midi instead of all devices.
but there remains the problem of deleting doubles. i cant get it to work even though the notes are identical :frowning:
Now I am back to square one. I thought I had found the fix with a new project but then i tried on another projct and it didnt work. Now I cant get it to work on another new project! And delete doubles is still not working. OUCH!! Help!
The plot thickens: i switched my midi to my Auturia Keystep and IT DOES NOT DUPLICATE NOTES. Therefore the culprit is my StudioLogic midi. Hmm. Any thoughts anyone on how to tweek that?
Still cant get ‘delete duplicates’ to light up and save me the tedious task of elminating 1000’s of notes one at a time!

Are you Selecting the Notes first?

Also perhaps your ‘duplicated’ Notes are on different MIDI Channels and don’t qualify as real Duplicates. Again the easiest way to see this is in the List Editor. If your keyboard were sending out the same Notes on 2 different Channels they would both get Recorded into the same MIDI Part.

yes . it seems they are on Channel One and Channel 2, as seen in the attached screenshot. so i will have to delete manually but easier here in the list editor than in the midi editor. Unless you have any suggestions?
i figured out how my midi was sending two channels. so that is resolved at least.
thanks for your help.

If your version of Cubase is Artist or Pro you could use the Logical Editor to Select & Delete the Notes on Channel 2.

Or Select all the Notes (Ctrl+A) in the Key Editor and on the Info Line set them to Channel 1. Now the Delete Duplicates should work.