Score Editor Issue: No Event in Project but Score Editor Shows Notes!


Here is another issue I just ran into. Very interesting. Please see violins and violas at the project cursor don’t have anything! However, the score editor show notes note present in the project. Just to mentioned these are notes were there but I used the normal sizing ( 1st option of selection tools).

One really expects those note to be hidden!

Is this a bug?



It’s hard to see exactly how your Score and Project windows match up without showing the bar numbers of both.

Roger, please see measure 61 on both Score and Project. The project does not have any events on violas and violins however, the score ( the bottom two staves) show notes.

Yeah the problem is that there is nothing in the top part that shows where bar 61 is in the Project Window. But I understand where it is now I think. Just to confirm in the Project Window the grid lines occur every 2 bars and the Violin midi part starts on bar 63?

If you open that violin Part in the Key Editor do you see any notes off to the left of the Part’s boundary?

Also what happens if you select one of the ‘non-existing’ notes in the Score Ed and change its pitch? If you have all the Parts on the Violin Track open in both the Key and List Editors do you see anything that corresponds to the Score Ed changes.