Score Editor issues

In Score Editor I use Display Quantize to clean up some notes that are not exactly quantized in the actual track. That way I get a good score, but don’t have to alter the original track. It works fine, but when I click to quantize I see that the instrument/track name disappears from the score. I know I can get it back by using Score Settings, but that is more work and presumably should not be needed. I have followed the manual, but cannot see anything about losing the track name. Am I doing something wrong?

Also, my music computer is not connected to my printer (the printer is in another room with another computer). Is it possible to save a copy of the score in some way so that I can transfer it by USB stick to another computer in order to print?

Thanks for any help with these issues.

Issue 2: There’s some pdf creating tools available that present themselves as a printer to the system.
So you can print a pdf from Cubase, transport the file to the other machine and print from there.

Personally usng this one:

That first issue should happen at all. But, can you get the track name back, by simply hitting the UPD button?

lanter : thanks, but how do I get from Cubase a file of the score that could be converted to a pdf? What sort of file would that be?

vic-france : thanks, I wonder if it is a bug? However, what is the UPD button?

When you have installed eg cutepdf, it appears in cubase as a printer, so you just use the print function from cubase

Update: UPD button or menu Score > Functions > Force Update

OK, got it, thanks. Unless I get any other answers I guess that Cubase does not have any integral function to fulfil that purpose.

Same question again though, what is the UPD button?

What about searching “Force Update” in the manual?

Yep, found it, thanks.

No, clicking the UPD button does not bring the track name back.

I have tried using Display Quantize with a new project but I still get the same issue of losing the track name. Perhaps it is a bug?

Anyone else have any comments?

Can you upload a small .cpr which exhibits this problem? (with detailed recipe of what you are doing, see if it happens here)

Do you know about printing to a file? When you go through the print dialogue, tick to cause the output to be sent to a file instead of the printer - naturally you have to provide a file name, and that could be on your USB flash drive. Then, take the flash drive to the computer that has the printer attached, and send the print file to the printer.

To achieve this, the computer with Cubase on it has to have the appropriate printer driver installed (ie for the printer that you will be printing on), otherwise the file that you send to the printer might not make sense to the printer - in which case it might print all the print instructions (instead of obeying them) and possibly waste a lot of paper.

The advantage over creating a pdf file is that, whereas a pdf file might not look and print exactly right (depending on how good the pdf software is), printing to a file and sending that file to the printer will generate exactly the same thing as printing directly from Cubase to the printer.

I would say pdf combined with postscript would create rather accurate prints.
The advantage of a pdf: easily shareable by mail, the recipients can print the score themselves

OK, so I’ve set up a small project (one MIDI track labelled Piano)

Open the Project
Click on the MIDI track to select it
Menu>Scores>Open Selection
Here you see the music script. Note that bar 3 has a quantize issue
Right click mouse, select Q
Display Quantize menu comes up.
Change Notes to 4. Click Apply
Position Q cusor over beginning of bar 3
Left Click to quantize
Quantize works, but track name disappears
DQ Test.cpr (51.2 KB)

“Rather accurate” but not identical? :wink:

Amongst the kind of pdf software used via “printing”, I experienced a few free or low-cost ones that sufferred from slight or gross flaws when creating pdf files - quite apart from the problems that can arise from creating a pdf file using a font that the recipient of the file doesn’t have, and which isn’t “embedded” in the pdf file. The one I’ve been using for the last few years has been better, but only after I was sent a free upgrade to the £70 sopftware that I bought (because the one I bought wouldn’t render Excel graphs properly). Even now, I experience a restriction in the thickness of cell borders usable in Excel, and line thicknesses in the pdf files that aren’t what I would expect. Here I’m talking about the way the pdf files look on the screen, not about when printed.

I’m not sure what you mean when you say “pdf combined with postscript” - do you mean using a postscript printer? (If so, unfortunately that’s no help to me - mine aren’t postscript.) Anyway, if the pdf software’s failing to get things like line thicknesses right (on the screen), I don’t imagine the pages will print properly. Or do you mean “postscript” has to be involved during the creation of the pdf files?

(If you can give a quick fix to eliminate the few remaining problems that I still have in creating pdf files, I’d be very pleased.)

True. But the OP’s problem was:

Also, my music computer is not connected to my printer (the printer is in another room with another computer). Is it possible to save a copy of the score in some way so that I can transfer it by USB stick to another computer in order to print?

Under those circumstances, I always print to file and then do a physical print from that print file (as outlined in my earlier post) because that gives results identical to what you’d get with the printer attaced to the computer. Creating a pdf file as an intermediary representation, and then printing from that, involves (in my experience, anyway) a risk of something being different.

O.K… here’s why I think it is happening (yes I think this is a little bug)…
I notice that you have Score in Edit mode rather than in Page mode (but, that shouldn’t make any difference :wink:
There are two possible workarounds…

  1. In the Scores Settings dialog>Layout (which really should apply only to Page mode, but anyways :wink: )…activate (bottom-right of dialog) “Show Staff Names”, and “From Tracks”.
  2. If you don’t activate “From Tracks”, then the staff name is the one (or rather the two, long and short), that you see in Score Settings>Staff>Main>“Staff names” (and, in your project, they are blank).
    On the other hand, why applying Quantize affects this is a total mystery! :slight_smile:

OK, good, you have seen it. Thanks for checking it out.

Also thanks for the suggestions, and as I noted before there are ways of getting the names back, but of course you don’t want to have to go to that trouble. By the way I use edit mode because I find it usually easier to see than page mode, but, as you say, it does not affect this issue.

So we think that losing track names when applying quantize is possibly a bug, so perhaps Steinberg (Chris?) could take a look and comment.

…and thanks also to chase for the printing suggestion.

…but just coming back to the print issue : I tried printing to file by clicking the appropriate box. It then asked me to put in the file name, I did so and clicked OK, but it did not ask me where to save the file. I now cannot find the file. It does not come up in a file search, and I cannot see it in Documents, where it is supposed to be sent. I know it has created a file because when I try to repeat the process it says I cannot use the same name because the file already exists. Have I done something wrong? - Though I appreciate it’s a Windows question not a Cubase one :slight_smile: