Score Editor: keyboard combination for "Force Update"

Who spends a lot of time in the Score Editor knows that “Force Update” is very important when making fine adjustments.
The problem:
→ The GUI button works as it should. But, if you execute the function with a keyboard combination (key command / hotkey / or through generic remote), you get nothing.

Thank you for reading my topic.

I cannot confirm your issue.
Force Update is working correctly using key commands as well as through Generic Remote.
Are you sure everything is set up correctly?

Interesting. Maybe I haven’t done enough tests (not very likely, but still…).
Here’s my current workaround (I still use Cubase 10.5.20):

  1. Create a macro named “force update - homemade”;
  2. Add “select all”;
  3. Add “select none”;
  4. Add a keyboard shortcut to the “force update - homemade” macro.

Edit 1: I can’t use CMD+U for some reason. Other key commands work (for instance, “V”).

FYI Force Update via key command and Generic Remote also works perfectly in 10.5.20.
But the most important is that you accepted your own solution :grin:

I’m such a dickhead… It didn’t occur to me to try other combinations… On my MAC it turns out that I can’t bind command+U to Force Update (interesting). If I bind only a key (“v”), it works. Can you please tell me if you can use CMD+U to Force Update? Thank you.

I’m on PC, sorry.
Maybe someone else can test.

No worries. Thanks anyway.