score editor: %l placeholder goes bizar when editing with the new staff name dialog

Suppose you have a project layer text left at the top of your scoring parts displaying %l (placeholder for layout/staff name) and staff names are also shown in the score at the staffs.
When you double click the staff name the new naming dialog appears, change the long and short name and press ok.
when the score updates (or double click and ok the %l text top left) the %l now shows this:@@@@@@@@@

Don’t know, but have you seen the new Staff Name dialog?

it is the dialog allowing for sub-names:

Actually, this version has cost me quite some time…
But at least I learned how to work around the score editor stability issues by performing “duplicate track” and deleting the original track, the score editor would open again in page mode without hanging Cubase. Resetting things did not solve the issues.