Score Editor: last track automatically selected??

Another bug (?) that I’ve found using the Score Editor: in the Edit Mode (don’t know if the with the Page Mode it also happens) and with the auto scroll on, each time a page is turned the last track is automatically selected.
This is really boring if you have a project with lots of tracks (like an orchestral one) and you want to follow the Flutes track and each time the page turns it goes to the last track of the score (Basses).

Anyone noticed this?


I hadn’t noticed, but yes you are right. (doesn’t do this in Cubase 5).
I’d suspect a bug (there’s no advantage to this happening deliberately :wink: )

If this is a bug how do I report it to Steinberg?

Look at the stickies - third one down, atm.

Well, I tried to report this issue in the Bugbase topic but it’s locked, so what do I have to do to report this?

You start a whole new topic, following the instructions in the first post of the bugbase topic.