Score Editor: Moving Down the Notes Moves Notes in Upper System!


This is very weird. I copied some notes from one instrument to another. I tried to shift the pitch up using nudge/move up, however, it cramps all the notes to the same staff in the system above. I have attached the video!
Again the Safe mode did not work here.

I have had some issues with copy lately. I used to copy and paste multiple staff from one spot to another, however, it does not work anymore!

This only happens when I move using KC and with CMD + mouse drag does not happen.



I’m sorry I don’t understand your steps really. From the video, I don’t understand where do the notes come from when you click to Nudge. Where were the notes before, please? Could you maybe attach project snipped?

This was again in C10 with that particular project. Like it said I switched to C9.5. I hope this does not happen again.