Score Editor: Note Editing


I was wondering if we could repitch a note or a phrase in score editor.

Currently, when I select a note:
I cannot move it up or down using mouse.
I cannot transpose the selected notes using the transpose.
I cannot repitch it by pressing the correct note on the keyboard.

Of course I can do this using the key editor. However, this is so efficient if I am working with multiple staff and note change depends on multiple parts. My questions?

Is that possible to do this directly from score editor?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Select note and use scroll wheel on the info bar.

The Key Commands for Nudge Up/Down work also :wink:

Thank you so much. I will give it a try.

Thank you so much. I set up the key command: Ctrl+6 to Ctrl+9 for down, down large, up and up large.