Score editor: Nudge up carries the notes forward two bars!!!

Hi Folks,

What is this? Can someone please tell me what is going on? Score editor: Nudge up carries the notes forward two bars!!! I am on 9.5.50.

Please see the attached gif file.

I really want to get my money back from Steinberg. This is very basic thing that Cubase fails to do it properly.

This is not happening for all staff. This is just for the Trumpet.


PS. I am going to call it quit for the night. Spend too much getting basic things in cubase most likely will fail to submit my project on time. I couldn’t even edit a measure!


Isn’t it the same we discussed in other threads already, please?

I would love to find a clear reproduction.

No Martin. This is kind of scary! It does not crash the nudge does not work properly on this particular staff!


Yes, I can see, the nudge doesn’t work properly here. But I would like to find a clear step-by-step reproduction even for this. It’s not for the first time, when I can see this.

Just curious? Do you have access to some sort of debugging tool? or specific cubase build in which error messages/prompts are shown on your end?

I am painting my whole house and I will get on the C10 to reproduce it. But things like this happens randomly.

I sent like I said everything including my full project to see what is going on? Cubase acts up as soon as I used Score editor in Large project such as hybrid or full orchestra which is most of my composition.

Sometimes I say, I should have listened to you and have used Finale for composition and use Cubase for mixing, adding audio effects or maybe some composition feature to create realistic mockups.

To me composition for a 1-minute music, say for trailer or teaser music with key editor is manageable. However, for over 10 minute music, I loose sight dealing with thirty tracks at the same time and for centuries composers have used score editors. It is like a painter working on a huge artwork using a flashlight in darkness.

I am reconsidering Finale after I am done with this project.