Score Editor Nuendo 5 vs 6 vs 7 Question.

I am considering upgrading my Nuendo 5 license but, well, reluctantly.

An area of especial concern for me is the Score Editor.

Nuendo 5 had a usable Score Editor. Not perfect, but, for me, personally, very usable. Looking at the videos, it appeared that the Nuendo 6 Score Editor had a new feature that would cause ledger lines to rapidly appear and disappear as your cursor moved over the staff system or simply anywhere that a ledger line might be. To me, this was very much like looking at insects crawling on the monitor. It is incredibly distracting and actually made the Score Editor unusable. (As far as I know, one could not disable this feature.)

If other people liked it, I’m both glad for them and not interested in reading about it in this thread, thanks.

Does anyone know if this miserable “feature” will be retained in Nuendo 7?

(I understand that this might not be the best place to post this but I do want it to be seen by people who might be able to answer it.)

This is switchable via Preferences>Scores>Editing>Show pitch when inserting notes. (I believe this was called “Animate cursor” or somesuch in earlier versions.)

Thank you! That is not only an excellent piece of information to have, but a very very sensible option to have put in the program.

Now if I could only be sure that an upgrade to N6.5 purchased today would be eligible for a grace-period free upgrade to N7…

Sadly, Jeff D. emailed me and told me that while a purchase of an existing version made after a newer version is announced would typically qualify for a grace-period upgrade, he is not able to actually confirm that it is the case for N6.5 and N7 right now.

I imagine Yamaha/Steinberg staff are enjoined from explicitly stating the grace period start date. But note- it’s the date of activation (as opposed to purchase date )through the elicenser program that determines grace period qualification.

It was just announced:

Exactly the information I needed, thank you greatly!