Score Editor Pages Switch

Dear @Steinberg_Archived

please, please change the position and/or the size of the score editor page switch. Where it is now, in that ultra small space at the bottom-right is really so uncomfortable! To get the mouse over there is so tedious, it needs high concentration and precision, I think it’s better we focus on the music than try to hit the up/down arrows in that super-small space, and often the Windows bar pops out if just the mouse goes one micron down or right (in this case the notificaion panels comes out).

Again, please fix it! Thank you.

Score editor pages switch

Though I agree with you, I would not want that to be larger where it is, because of the pixels that would be wasted in the height. Evry pixel counts when displaying full orchestra scores on the screen.
But as you mentioned if it’s placed elsewhere it would probably be ok, so +1 in this case.

Do you know that you can turn pages quickly with the mouse wheel when nothing is selected?
Page up/down key on your keyboard also works for the same purpose.
But most probably you know all this.

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@Maestro thank you for the feedback. Yes, I know that page up/down and mouse wheel can turn pages as well, but in some cases it’s faster using that switches, e.g. when jumping between two far pages. In any case, since that switch exists, I’d prefer that it works as expected in a more comfortable way :slight_smile: It’s a suggestion…

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