Score Editor, piano score, split point moveable in time

Hey, I have a dream to see a feature that let me set a many different split points in piano score in time, I mean:
First forty bars I need standard split point in C3 but afterwards piano player has very low playing part and notes for two hands are below C3… etc.

Just fyi… You can adjust the ‘split’ point if you use the Polyphonic staff mode. Then you would specify the staff by changing the midi channel of the notes involved.

I can not find Polyphonic staff mode in Element 8, only split and single.
Is this a limitation?
If so my update to ver8 was wasted Money. One might think that tidy up the scores ( read: shifting ‘split’ point) is so “ELEMENTary” that even ELEMENT should make it possible.

Sorry, yes… Cubase Pro only.