Score Editor Question/1st beat of the measure

My project starts off out of tempo with Piano and Voice reflecting 4/4 time. When the orchestra comes in, the staff reflects it to be on the 3rd downbeat of the measure now in tempo. I need the tempo to reflect the first downbeat so it can easily be conducted. Any adjustments ideas are appreciated

Alan Russell
Professional Arranger since 1968

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When the orchestra enters in tempo it must be reflected on the first beat of the measure while viewing the staff line In the score editor

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There is no pick up when the orchestra comes in to tempo. It is straight in the downbeat of one. I will take a look at your suggestion thank you very much

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Hi Alan,
I’m wondering whether your issue is simply just a tempo track tweak. Change the tempo at the appropriate bar or beat and you should hear the difference. And, if you are needing to see the change on the score, the metronome configuration will show the change at the appropriate place, too.

If what you are after is different, then apologies for the interruption.

all the best


No need to apologize in advance we are all in this together. I can live with the notation discrepancy but all of my future projects will begin in Tempo on the first downbeat of the measure

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