Score editor question

Considering I work a lot with VSTs, cc data, velocity curves etc, the notes to my string lines often fall abit before the beats (on purpose). When I then open the Score Editor in cubase, it becomes a big mess as it tries to do the notation based an exactly that information. I want it instead to display the “intended” notes, not the actual note data that I use for humaized playback. Is it possible to make edits in the Score editor that won’t affect the actual midi data itself? I’d only want to use it for printing the score but keep all the humanized midi data.

How would one go about doing something like that?

Cubase has a feature called Track Versions.

you could make a duplicate of the current performance midi track to a new version and use this as your playback and mixdown track.

in the other version, simply qunatize all that is necessary and they should fit well into the score editor.

however, i guess if the humanisation is less than 1/128, it shouldnt be a problem of detection. I could be wrong though…


You could use the settings for rests which only refers to the visualization,

Go into Staff Settings and have a look at the Staff tab. That panel has the settings for how Cubase displays the notes in the score editor.

Set the display quantize to a value that is the shortest rhythm you can use- e.g., the shortest rhythm that exists in the score. For example if the actual midi notes are a 32nd ahead, use 16.

Additionally, there is the Display Quantize tool in the Score tool palette ‘Q’, use this to make settings to specific passages that do not display what you need.