Score editor refuses to let me edit notes


I’ve clearly activated the unknown here, OUCH!!

Cubase Pro 13.0.30 on a Mac - I’m unable to edit any notes in the score editor, the key editor is great as usual, I’ve been banging my head for hours trying to undo what I’ve inadvertently activated, can anyone through me a lifeline please?

If you check out the screen shot you can see nothing is highlighted, MAYDAY!!!

Thanks in advance.



Aren’t these MIDI Notes muted or out of the MIDI Part boundaries?

Hi Martin

Thanks for the help.

I’ll check that out, I honestly didn’t know that you can mute notes in the score editor, they actually playback fine, I’m just unable to edit them, the individual notes are not muted within the list editor.

With regards to the midi boundary situation, they playback perfectly from the locator position which corresponds to the part.

However I’ll double check your advice.

Thanks again.



Then it looks, none of my idea is the right one.

Isn’t the MIDI Part locked? Can you edit the MIDI Notes in the Key/List/Drum Editor?

Unfortunately I concur with you, but a brilliant logical response.

Yes I can edit the notes in the list editor, I also did have the good sense to check that the part wasn’t locked.

Any other ideas? Please?


It appears that the notes layer is turned off.

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check this Score manual page too:

Thank you everyone, thanks to you guys I’ve cracked it - it was the multiple layers scenario, which I’d accidentally selected/turned off, my error completely it comes with working too rapidly - phew!!!

Big nod to Danix78, nice one.

Pass me the asses’ ears!

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