Score Editor: Showing Multiple Tracks on the same Staff

It would be great if Cubase could display Multiple Track on the same Staff. Say I have in the folder track “violins” 5 or 6 different articulation ( to work and experiment with) and would like to see them in Score editor in one staff. Please see the attachment:

. In key editor this is possible.

One way for the GUI could be having a setting in preferences like this: Show MIDI tracks in folder tracks in Score editor :

  1. separate track,
  2. single track,
  3. show none. Or maybe allowing all three options for each folder track separately to make it more flexible.

Would be great to see it happen in Score editor.


A fine request… just as an fyi, in case you haven’t found this-

A way to accomplish this would be by using the same track, and having each articulation on a different channel. (and set the track’s midi channel to ‘any’). Of course this only works for a single multitimbral VSTi, as you can’t send the midi to different output ports.

Yes, but It’s not very practical. For instance, I could use the track lanes in order to have flutes 1 and 2 separated, but again, it makes the editing very unpractical. Isn’t there any other option?

You can move the parts of the different tracks on top of each other. That way, all the MIDI notes will show up in the scores in one staff.